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Are you searching for information about TJ Maxx return policy? You are at the right place. In this article we provide complete information about TJ Maxx holiday return policy, TJ Maxx return policy no receipt, etc. Many people love to shop from TJ Maxx. But when they decide to return it because of reason like a defective, mismatch and not satisfied, etc.

People shop from TJ Maxx but don’t know about return policy and TJ Maxx exchange policy. People are also unaware that for how many days you can return your product. Here you will get information about TJ Maxx return policy online.

In this post, you will get information about how to return products to the TJ Maxx store and TJ With this information, you also can return your item with simple steps in minimum time.

TJ Maxx Return Policy

TJ Maxx is one of the popular stores in the USA. Have you recently shop from TJ Maxx? Is the product defective or mismatched? Or you are not satisfied with the product. And think to return or exchange the product but don’t know how. When you returned the item in TJ Maxx, you have to provide one proper reason and without giving any reason your product will not return or replace in TJ Maxx.


Many of you want to know that is you can return the item in TJ Maxx without a receipt? You can return an item without a receipt. Now if you do not have purchase receipt to return your items to the store, do not worry. When you go for a return to TJ Maxx and don’t have purchase receipt, TJ Maxx offers you a store credit for the returned item.

tjmaxx return policy

TJ Maxx Return Policy Terms and Conditions

According to a return policy, you only can return your product within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days you cannot return products to the TJ Maxx store.

According to TJ Maxx return policy that they will never accept any item that is worn and washed. You only can return washed item after approval of store manager.

  • You only can return an item by mail which you purchased online. Customers return the item purchased from the store to stores only.
  • According to return policy, you cannot return the gift card.
  • You cannot return the $1000 item to the store.
  • Also, you cannot return Handbags more than $499.99 worth to the TJ Maxx store.
  • The item purchased with TJ Maxx gift card you can return it.

How to return an Item to TJ Maxx

If you are a customer of a TJ Maxx than you have to know how to return a product. Here we provide information about how to return a product to the TJ Maxx. Everyone doesn’t know about the return policy to return the product. TJ Maxx accepted all defective or damage items purchased from TJ Maxx store or TJ Mainly you can return your product in 2 ways.


Item return by Mail

If you don’t visit the store to return your product you can return the product online.

  • It will cost you $9.99 of shipping and handling charges.
  • A return shipping label comes with original package.
  • First, fill up the form and submit it to store to get a full refund back. Note that you will not always get a refund for online purchased items as the online inventories to keep changes.

Please Note that only online purchased items are returned by mail.

Now if you purchase an item from TJ Maxx store and to return it you have to got to store to get back a full refund. If you don’t know about how to return items to store, read below information carefully.

Item Return to the Store

  • You can easily return by visiting your nearest TJ Maxx store. You can return or exchange your item at the customer service desk of the store.

If you are going for in-store returns and face any problem. By calling the customer service number at 1-866-606-8365. If you want to more information about TJ Maxx return policy visit official website HERE.

tjmaxx return policy online

About TJMaxx refund policy

You will receive your refund 10 days after returning your product. You will receive a refund in the original payment mode which you use to pay at the time of shopping. The store return is easy to get back your refund.


We hope that you will get information about TJ Maxx return policy. If you have any question about TJ Maxx Refund Policy, TJ Maxx return policy without Receipt and TJ Maxx Exchange Policy let us know us by comment below.

Thanks for reading.


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