Kroger Return Policy

Have you got trouble to return a product to Kroger? Here we give step by step guide of Kroger Return Policy. It is very important to know about Kroger return policy when you shop from Kroger and Here we provide information about Kroger return policy and Kroger exchange policy with Kroger return policy 90 days.

Whenever you purchase anything from anywhere you have to know about the return policy for the product. If you are unaware of return policy you cannot return or exchange the product. Sometimes when you got for return or exchange, they simply denied by saying your product is not eligible for return or exchange.

To return and exchange product successfully at Kroger read this post carefully till the end. We provide information about how to return a product with Kroger return policy successfully. And for that, you have to follow rules to return and exchange.

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Kroger Return Policy

Kroger sells millions of items annually by Kroger store and online. For better customer experience their products come with quality guarantee.

With this guarantee, customers can easily return products if they are not satisfied with the product. There are some terms and conditions to return the product. If a customer wants to return the product(s), they must have to follow the rules of Kroger return policy. If you follow all the rules then you can get a refund in your account.

There are some eligibility criteria to return the product. If your product is not this list then you cannot return the product. For that, you have to understand the rules for Kroger return policy.

Rules for Kroger Return and Refund Policy

  • Customers can return or exchange the product and also get a refund if you are not willing to bring it.
  • Kroger does not charge for the return.
  • With the help of Kroger staff service, you can easily return your item(s).
  • You can call customer service 800-632-6900 if you face any problem in return.
  • After complete the process, you have received the refund in 5-6 days.
  • You can place return at any time.
  • With Kroger return policy you cannot return on holidays.

How you return to Kroger

There are mainly two methods that you can return your item(s) and easily get a refund. We try to provide this simple step by step guide to returning.

  1. Via Mail
  2. Visiting Kroger Store

Now let’s see how to return an item via mail. Follow below steps for a return via mail.

  • First, check the item that if it is eligible for return or not.
  • Make a label with the mailing address of Kroger Ware House.
  • Pack your product with all accessories and original packaging.
  • After that check, that box that it did not contains any other company labels.
  • Attach bill with the box.
  • Post it with trackable postal service.
  • Now, wait for the response from the Kroger team.

This is a very simple and easy way to return the product at Kroger. But with this process, you have to wait until the package is reached. The refund process is starting after box reaches to Kroger.

Second is by visiting the store.

  • Visit your nearest Kroger store.
  • Keep the Conformation e-mails or Bills handy.
  • Pack the product with the original packaging.
  • Now give your item to Kroger employee for return.
  • After that follow the instruction and complete your return.

This is a very useful way to return your product to Kroger. If Kroger store is near your location you can easily return by visiting. Kroger process return or exchange at the store very quickly.

How to get a Refund?

Getting a refund from Kroger is very easy and simple. After completing the return process, you get your refund in your account or in your credit card account.

Final Words

With this Kroger return policy, you can easily return your item(s) and get your refund.

Thank you for reading.

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