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Everybody loves to play games. The GameStop is all in one solution for game lovers to buy new and used games. Before making any purchases you have to know about their return policy on GameStop used return policy, GameStop new game return policy, GameStop online purchase return policy.

How GameStop Return Policy Works

The GameStop is a place where you can buy the latest video games and also old classic video games. In the GameStop, you will find a wide variety of games from new to old ones. The important thing that most customers forgot, they might not like the game. So if you don’t like the game, you may know the Return Policy of GameStop before making any purchase.

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The customers can buy not only games but also can buy gaming consoles. The advantage of the Store is you can purchase new games and also sell or trade your old video games.

In this article, you will have information about GameStop return policy without wasting time to read their full Return Policy. You will get an information about GameStop guidelines, exceptions and easy steps to return or refund.

GameStop Return Policy

The important information about GameStop return policy, it is little restrictive. The GameStop return policy is a bit more restrictive with opened games and if you don’t have a receipt for purchases.

As the GameStop return policy stated that you have 30 days to return the product from the date of purchase. For refunds, you will always receive a refund in original form of payment. Here is the exception, if your return product cost more than $150 then you wait for 14 business days to get a check of the actual amount that you paid.

As we stated that the GameStop return policy is strict. There are exceptions for some products that don’t cover 30 days return policy if you don’t want them.

Downloadable Content (DLC): For this, you are not eligible for any refund or any type of exchange.

Unopened New Tablets: For this, you have only 14 days for the refund.

The most of customers of GameStop customers are suffering from the return of the items. Whenever you buy a new game or new gaming console, just don’t open if you want the refund. For the new game and new gaming console, don’t remove shrink wrap of game and gaming console. If you remove shrink wrap, GameStop considers as opened and you don’t get a refund. In this case, according to GameStop return policy, you have only choice to make the same purchase within 30 days of purchase.

gamestop used game return policy

To return to GameStop, make sure that you have a purchase receipt with you. If you don’t have a purchase receipt than GameStop don’t process any return or exchange.

For the pre-owned items, the GameStop policies are easier. If you have a pre-owned item and want to return, GameStop accept it within 7 days of purchase date, even it is opened. This is the best way to check the game you want to buy without investing more money. According to GameStop return policy, if there are 7 days ended, you have another 30 days for an exchange.

This is the policy of GameStop, but your luck won’t help you every time. If GameStop found that you are violating their policy, you may be ban for future returns.

How to Return Online Bought Item

If you bought from an item from GameStop, you can go for many local stores across the country or you can buy online. Now if you buy online, then you have two options for return the item.

  • You can go to the local GameStop Store
  • You can send the item using the return shipping label that comes with the order. If there is an error from GameStop side, you will have a credit of handling charges.

The above details are important for returns to store or by mail. The receipt or packing slip is required and with the help of these only you can return or exchange item.

It is advisable to don’t send your opened games by mail for return, the GameStop won’t accept it. You will lose the money that you paid for the game and game itself also.

In the purchase of accessories, the GameStop return policy is more cooperative. For the accessories opened or unopened, you will get a full refund if you return it within 30 days of purchase.

gamestop pre owned return policy

There is another exception in GameStop return policy with “bundled” products. The single item from the bundle won’t accept by GameStop.

From this article, you have an information that the GameStop return policy is little restrictive but you still get a refund if you fulfill all conditions and not violate their return policy. It is advice that keeps your GameStop receipt safely, that can help you if you want to return or exchange an item. For new games and gaming consoles, if you want to return them just don’t open them, if you open them you will get not a refund, you only got an identical exchange.

So, here is the GameStop return policy. Read this before making any purchase to GameStop.

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