Dillards Return Policy

Dillard’s Return Policy

Are you searching the information about Dillards Return Policy and Dillards Exchange Policy? You are at the right place. People are bought items from different stores and when want to return, they do not aware of the return policy. And due to the lake of information, they don’t return the item. Don’t worry we provide complete information about Dillards return policy, Dillards exchange policy, Dillards return policy after 30 days and how to get a refund.

If you recently purchase an item from Dillards Store or Dillards.com you have to know the return policy if you want to return or exchange an item. With this complete guide of how to return the item at Dillards you can easily return your purchase items. If you want to return or exchange item at Dilliards, read this post carefully.

Now whenever you start the process your return to Dillards, you have to know the Dillards return policy rules.

What is Dillards Return Policy?

The return process at Dillards is very easy. You have 30 days to return an item bought from Dillards. After 30 days Dillards won’t accept item. But you can still return it. You can directly return it to the manufacturer of the item. With the guarantee and warranty of the item.

You also can return the item by visiting your nearest store or by mail. If you know the Dillards return policy you can start the return process. Here we show some important tips to return.

  • You have to return items within 30 days of purchase.
  • If the item is unopened you can return it. And if the item is damaged by you, you can still return it.
  • You have to show the purchase slip for the return.
  • Also, you have to pay shipping charges if you return an item by mail.

How to return an Item at Dillard’s?

If you want to return the item there is a simple process to follow. You have to pack the item proper and send it. Other details are given below.

  • You have to pack the item with the original packaging.
  • Now fill the return form which is on the behind of the purchase slip.
  • Now attach the form with the item.
  • Send it to


600 Carnahan Drive,

Maumelle, AR 72113

This is the most suitable and easy way to return the item at Dillard’s. you can also return the item at Dillards by contacting this number 1-800-643-8278.

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About Dillards Refund Policy

You will receive your refund in 2-3 days of Dillards working days. If you choose to return an item at a store, you can get your refund immediately. Now if you face any problem with the above process you can call on Dillards customer care number 1-800-643-8278. You also can visit the official website HERE.

Final Words

If you have any query about Banana Republic Refund Policy, Banana Republic returns policy without Receipt and Banana Republic Exchange Policy let us know us by comment below.

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